Six Signs Your Vehicle Needs Suspension Repair

suspension repair Lincoln NE

Suspension damage—it can happen to anyone at any time. However, many Lincoln drivers are unaware of the signs that their vehicle needs suspension repair! Take a look at the six most common indicators of suspension damage below.

1. You were involved in an accident— Believe it or not, even the most minor of collisions have the potential to cause damage to your vehicle’s suspension. In fact, often times, the problem may be so small that you can’t detect it until it grows into a much larger issue. That means it is pretty important to have your GMC truck or SUV inspected as soon as possible after an accident.

This same advice also applies to other situations in which your vehicle makes contact with another object, such as a pothole or obstacle in the road.

2. Rough ride quality— One of the most common symptoms of suspension damage is a decline in ride quality, which can make driving bumpy and unpleasant. If driving down a newly paved road feels akin to off-roading, it’s highly advised that you have your truck’s suspension looked at right away.

3. Your tires are wearing unevenly— If a suspension problem goes untreated for a long period of time, it’ll start to cause problems with the other areas of your truck, especially your tires. If you notice that your tires are starting to wear more on one side, it’s a good indicator that you need car suspension repair in Lincoln.

4. Vehicle pulls to the left or right— When you’re driving, your car should be able to continue going in the same direction without you having to correct it or keep it steady. If you find that your vehicle is pulling to the left or right, or that it takes more effort to keep it going straight, it’s likely a sign that it has some sort of suspension damage.

5. Vehicle “clunks” when going over bumps— If traveling over small bumps causes your SUV to emit a clunking sound, it could be a result of several different problems, including suspension damage. If it’s a result of a suspension problem, you will also notice that one side of your SUV appears lower than the rest.

6. Simple driving maneuvers cause the vehicle to roll, lean back and dive— Suspension damage can really change the way your vehicle handles momentum. If your vehicle does any of the following, its important that you don’t wait to have it serviced:

  • It rolls or leans to the side when you turn
  • It leans backward when you press the gas pedal
  • It dives forward when you brake
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