How to Set Up 4G WiFi Hotspot in Your GMC

Connect GMC to 4G WiFi

The need to stay connected to the internet doesn't stop when you go on a road trip. In fact, staying connected with what's going on at home or streaming videos for the kids becomes even more important during those long hours on the road. Even everyday trips across town can feel like an eternity when you don't have a reliable internet connection.

With the new GMC trucks, vans and crossovers, spotty internet is a thing of the past. Setting up a 4G Wifi hotspot has never been easier. There is no special equipment to buy and no extra gadgets to learn how to operate. Everything you need to enjoy fast, reliable internet in your GMC is built right in, seamlessly integrated in a way that lets you focus on driving while everything else just works the way it's supposed to.

Connecting to your vehicle's WiFi is a breeze. With the vehicle running, tap the Wifi icon on the vehicle's IntelliLink system or use the built-in voice commands to say “WiFi Settings.” You'll need the network name and password that will be shown on the display, so be sure to write them down. You can even change these to something that is personalized later.

Next, use your phone or mobile device to search for available wireless networks – just like you would anywhere else that has WiFi available. When you've found the network that corresponds with your vehicle, simply enter the password and you'll be connected.

It really is as simple as that. Your 4G connection will be on for as long as your data plan is active, and can accommodate up to seven different mobile devices at once.

To check out and test drive a new GMC with an integrated 4G Wifi hotspot, contact or stop by Husker GMC today!

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