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GM has created a new product as a special offer to heroes, the First Responder Discount Program. This discount is available on select purchases, leases, and many other types of products and services available by the GM line. The goal is to reward First Responders for their hard work and dedication to keeping people safe, healthy and protected.

GM has created the First Responder Discount Program as a way to say thank you. The program can be used in combination with other offers, giving first responders a great deal when they visit us at Husker GMC. Whether you are looking to purchase a new GM vehicle, or you prefer to lease, it is possible to combine offers for the best discount possible.

How the First Responder Discount Program Works

GM believes that savings lives matters and is trying to give first responders what they want in a vehicle for the price they deserve. The discount is available to firefighters, police officers, EMTs, paramedics, and 911 dispatchers.

To verify eligibility for the program, firefighters, police, EMTs and paramedics must visit and create a free account. From there you will receive an authorization number to be used at the time of your purchase. For 911 dispatchers, verification is done by printing out an authorization and bringing proof of eligibility to a dealership to get the discount.

What Can Be Used as Proof of Eligibility for a First Responder Discount?

For those that are able to use the program, no proof is needed beyond a driver's license or state ID to use the discount. For 911 dispatchers, you must bring a valid, current 911 training and education document or a 911 ID card that contains the participant’s full name and a copy of your driver's license.

As part of the discount program, you are allowed to purchase two vehicles in a calendar year that qualify for the first responder discount program. While you can't share your discount by giving it away, it is possible to be a co-owner with another individual.

To learn more about the GM First Responder Discount Program and what vehicles are considered part of the program, it's time visit our dealership at Husker GMC and see what we have available now. One of our sales team will be happy to show you your vehicle options and take you out for a test drive today.

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