2019 Chevrolet Silverado 4500HD

Big changes are coming for the Chevrolet fleet. The 4500HD and 5500HD are ready to work harder and be better partners. The new trucks are easier to drive, easier to service, and easier to upfit. As a result, these conventional cab trucks may be the most customer-focused fleet available today.

When it's time for upfitting, trucks often fail short of expectations. To remedy that, seven Cab-to-Axle options will make it easier for buyers to match their upfitting needs to the right size. Businesses can choose a size ranging from 60 to 162 inches. Furthermore, five Axle-to-Back-of-Frame choices come in eight-inch increments. These changes should eliminate the common problem of frame rails that are too short behind the rear axle. This, in turn, eliminates the extra expense of reinforcements or extensions.

In another effort to reduce the complexity and expense of upfitting, Chevrolet utilizes clean, one-piece straight frame rails. Through-the-frame fuel fill lines help keep the area flat. To create smooth, unobstructed top sections, the new build has removed brackets, rivets, and other raised metal from the surface. This makes a flush mount possible. A factory-painted frame reduces the chances of rust during the truck's use.

Engineers redesigned the truck's hood to allow technicians to walk up to the engine. The new hood is a clamshell design, offering more room underneath. It is front-hinged which helps technicians quickly access the most complex systems.

Creating access also required new wheel wells with a 50-percent wheel cut. That 50-percent wheel cut contributes to greater maneuverability. Drivers can make tighter turns, eliminating the wide arc that often causes accidents, road run-off, and other issues. During drives, the sharper wheel cut means that the truck can hold curves more tightly, improving stability and traction.

The clamshell hood wasn't chosen strictly for service needs alone. The new design helps drivers see the road. Better visibility contributes to drivability.

A factory air suspension is another contribution to drivability. Drivers will appreciate better ride quality as the air suspension evens out bumps. With this active damping, the truck becomes more manageable. Accurate steering is easier without the typical jolting and jerking that comes with a big truck.

The new build also focused on ride quality. Chevrolet engineers utilize huck bolts throughout the frame. This provides a strong clamping force that helps the frame resist rattling. New doors are inset, smoothing the cab surface and reducing wind resistance. Doors are triple-sealed to shut out the worst road noise. These measures bring the 4500HD and 5500HD more in line with the superior ride quality of the whole Chevrolet truck fleet. After all, Silverado 1500s are known for quiet cabins.

As engineers examined the build, they discovered that they could make another change to help business owners. The diesel exhaust fluid tank is now on the passenger side. By placing it far away from the regular diesel fuel fill, drivers are far less likely to confuse the two tanks.

Duramax Diesel technology moves bigs loads. The Chevrolet 6.6-liter engine generates 350 horsepower and 700 lb.-ft. of torque. Heavy duty Allison transmissions takes care of precision shifting. A Power Take Off option helps ensure the best acceleration even when the truck is packed with cargo.

Chevrolet acknowledges the need for connectivity in today's busy world. Fleet trucks can come equipped with the latest touchscreen system. This provides access to navigational aids through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. OnStar and Commercial Link offer a built-in Wifi hotspot for easy connectivity on remote job sites.

You can find out more about this new generation of commercial trucks at Husker Chevrolet.

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