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When you're ready to spend time on the water and enjoy driving a boat that you own, you can look forward to creating new memories in the great outdoors. One of the most important parts of taking a boat trip is to trailer and launch the vessel into the water. If you want to avoid mistakes and learn how to perform the tasks, there are a few essential tips to follow.

Trailer the Boat Correctly

Trailering the boat will require you to align the hitch and the ball before lowering the trailer hitch over the ball. Close the latch and place the safety pin in to keep it secure while on the road until you reach the dock. The third step includes crossing the safety chains before attaching them to the truck or SUV. A safety line should also be attached to tow the vehicle if the trailer has brakes. Finally, plug in the lights and check to make sure that they're connected and are working correctly before departing.

Consider Different Factors

Before hooking your boat up to your vehicle, you'll need to consider a few different factors. Calculate the weight of the rig and the type of terrain that you'll be driving on until reaching the dock. You'll also need to calculate the gross combined vehicle weight (GCVW), which factors in the weight of the loaded vehicle and the total weight of the trailer and boat.

Consider the Location

After you determine the level of grunt that is required in your tow vehicle, you'll need to consider where you'll be towing. Ask yourself if you plan to head to the mountains multiple times throughout the year, which will require using a diesel engine that has a low-end torque. It's also necessary to consider owning a vehicle that has four-wheel drive if you plan to use ramps that are slippery or are covered by algae. Before you purchase the tow vehicle, check to evaluate the specifications to ensure that the manufacturer's rated tow capacity can perform the job.

Practice Safety

Practicing safety is the top priority when you're trailering your boat and are transporting the vessel. Make wide terms to avoid clipping the curb or other objects. Rely on your side-view mirrors to have a clear view of objects or other vehicles that are in proximity to your car. Practicing in an open parking lot is also essential to get used to driving with a boat and feeling confident when driving on busy highways or roads in the future. You'll also need to leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the car ahead of you to have enough time to stop quickly.

Be Prepared to Launch

Practice backing up the trailer into the water to become more skilled at performing the maneuver by using cones in an open parking lot. Use towing mirrors on your tow vehicle to increase your visibility of the boat as it's backed into the water. Understand that it's often impossible to back it up into a back line. Getting the boat off of the trailer will require starting the engine, shifting it in reverse, and applying a small amount of power. Consider using a courtesy dock to avoid interfering with other people who are also trying to launch their boat at the site.

If you'd like to learn more about trailering and launching your boat, contact our dealership to speak with a professional. Our team will be happy to provide you with more information and can show you the best models that are available for towing boats.

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