Will Amazon Deliver Packages To My Vehicle

It was about one year ago that Amazon decided to offer the service of unlocking the front door of your home and dropping off your package inside. Surprisingly, many loyal Amazon customers said ok to this and utilized the service. Now, deliveries are going to be able to be scheduled to the trunk of your vehicle no matter where it is located. Just this week, Amazon announced that delivery couriers would be able to access your truck if you consent, to leave behind a package. A key or a code wouldn’t be needed to make the drop-off, GMC will be partnering with Amazon to allow access to the vehicles from these manufacturers. This service is going to be available in thirty-seven cities this week.

Early Testing

This service has been in a beta testing mode in both California as well as Washington for approximately six months now. Many of the customers who utilized the service found it to be very convenient. Some of the common scenarios that have been in use for this trunk delivery concept includes mothers who don’t want their children woken up from a nap by a package being delivered, which is also convenient if you have a gift being delivered and don’t want anybody in your house to figure out the surprise. It doesn’t appear that much money is going to be made from this new feature, but instead, it will allow Amazon Prime customers an added convenience of shopping with Amazon.

Who Is Eligible?

Currently, customers who have Amazon Prime are eligible to have packages delivered to their trunk. You must have vehicles manufactured by GM or Volvo after the manufacture date of January 1st, 2015. OnStar and Volvo On Call must be available and working in your car. If this program is successful, other vehicle brands will be added on in the future. The package you are having delivered must be less than fifty pounds otherwise a signature is required. Also, the box must be under the size of 26x21x16. If the item inside of the package is worth of $1,300, then an in-vehicle delivery is not allowed.

How Do You Get Started?

When you sign into your Amazon account, you will need to enter your car’s information in the Amazon Key application. You’ll need to include your license plate number, a physical description of your vehicle, etc. When you purchase a car, you don’t have to be parked at your home to receive the package, but it does need to be within a certain radius of your home. You can obtain boxes at work, in a parking lot, in a parking garage and on the street. Throughout the delivery process, Amazon will let you know by text message that the package is being delivered. That way you will know it is in your trunk when you arrive back at your vehicle.

If Amazon attempts to deliver your package to the location you're said your vehicle would be located at and your car is not there, your backup site will be used. In most cases, this will be your home address. Amazon uses your GPS location along with your license plate number to find your vehicle thanks to the help of GM and Volvo and their online products in your car. Amazon insists it can't access any of your other personal information when you make a purchase this way. If you would like to find out more about these brands of vehicles and how Amazon delivery works, visit our local dealership today for more information!

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