Car Driving on Snow

One: Work your way out of being stuck

This is simple: in shallow snow, you can potentially work your way out of being stuck by rocking your car back and forth. If you've gotten stuck going forward, for example, simply put the car in reverse and slowly go backwards. You should be able to rock the car back and forth, reverse and then forward. This will get you unstuck, at least, and get you back to where you were. From there, you will need to determine if you hit a bad patch of snow or if the road is impassable. If you cannot go further, look for an alternate route or find a place to park until help can arrive.

Two: Dig your way out

Car Covered in Snow

The prepared traveler will have a shovel or some device they can use as a shovel with them during the winter months. Stuck? Get to the front of your vehicle and start digging the snow out front of your tires. This tip works best if you also utilize some rocking back and forth from the first tip. Anyone forced to park on the street will experience getting stuck like this once in a while. It is important to dig a square of lower snow in front of your car, then roll back a bit before trying to push forward. Often, with a little momentum, your car will get unstuck and drive down the road.

Three: Brake early, brake often

Using the brakes while accelerating is a lesser known but highly effective method of getting unstuck in snow. Hitting the brakes will decrease wheel spin, getting more power to the wheels struggling for traction and potentially breaking you free of the deadlock. Just be aware that this method could take a toll on your brakes and cause damage to your vehicle. Used sparingly, it can be highly effective. Used too often and it could damage your car.

Four: Let air out of your tires

Finally, letting a bit of air out of your tires may increase your grip and give you an extra boost to break free. Less air in your tires means more weight closer to the ground, which makes containing your vehicle more difficult physically. Lower air pressures can damage your tires, however, so it is important to only use this in short bursts. Get air in your tires as soon as possible after letting air out of them. Once again, this could work but it could also damage your vehicle, so use this method as a last resort and use it sparingly!

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