Yukon Denali Keyless Entry & Push Button

Technology never fails to surprise us with new features that one would never have even dreamed to be possible at the turn of the millennium. GMC is an automaker that has constantly invested in innovation and a number of cutting-edge technologies. A fantastic new feature that comes with many of GMC’s models, including the Yukon Denali is its keyless entry and push-button start technology feature.

The Keyless Entry system is really quite simple to use; all you have to do is stand by any of the GMC Yukon Denali’s doors with the key in your hand or even in your pocket, simply push the button on the door handle and get in the car. The system works because of sensors that make this technological experience of opening the Yukon Denali’s doors while having the key in your pocket but not actually having to touch the key. Once you are in the driver seat, all you have to do to start the car is step on the break and push the “start/stop engine” button. Could it be any easier? It might not be any easier for now, but you can be sure that GMC and their tech team is already working on that one.

If you would like to try out this new Keyless Entry & Push Button Start system, pay us a visit at Husker Auto Group located at 6833 Telluride Dr. Lincoln, NE 68521 or contact us through our site: https://www.huskergmc.com/. It will be our pleasure to show you all the Yukon Denali’s fantastic technological features.

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