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Can I Use My GMC App Without OnStar?

GMC App Without OnStar 
When you invest in a GMC vehicle from Husker GMC, your vehicle typically comes with a free trial of OnStar. GMC’s app interacts with this OnStar program to provide you with things like roadside assistance, navigation, emergency assistance, unlocking your vehicle remotely, locating a stolen vehicle, and much more. If you’re coming to the end of your free trial with OnStar, you may be wondering if there are any features that you can use with your GMC app that don’t require any kind of additional subscription.
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Why OnStar Is a Must-Have

Onstar GMC  
The vehicles that are being sold these days are very much focused on the latest in technology. These different technological features help keep you safe; they help you navigate, contributing to the overall convenience of driving. The OnStar system is offered in General Motors vehicles, and you'll find many vehicles on the lot at Husker GMC that include OnStar. We want to talk to you a bit about why this is a must-have in today's day and age.
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