2020 GMC Terrain

While it is no secret, many automobiles have experienced declining sales in recent years; this has not been the case with crossovers. In fact, GM vehicles as a whole have seen recent sales increases. However, within those numbers, it has become clear that crossovers are outpacing sedans, light-duty trucks, and other vehicles. As to why buyers are in love with GMC crossovers, there are many reasons.

Appeal to Both Men and Women

In years past, female auto buyers balked at the idea of purchasing a large SUV or truck, while male buyers wanted little to do with minivans. However, when engineers created crossovers, everything changed. With stylish designs, ample cargo and passenger room, and the ability to handle like a car while on the road, men and women have flocked to these vehicles in recent years.

Popular with Millennials

As younger car buyers have entered the market in recent years, crossovers have often been their first choice. Along with having plenty of space for kids and cargo to be hauled around to school, soccer games, and family vacations, crossovers are also popular with Millennials due to their fuel-efficient engines. With environmental concerns being on the minds of many younger auto buyers, crossovers are proving to be a huge hit.

Ample Headroom and Legroom

For many people who may have spent years behind the wheel of a cramped compact vehicle, the additional head and legroom of a crossover is a welcome change. Along with being valued by younger customers, it is particularly valued by older drivers who may be less nimble than in years past. This, coupled with the ability to get packages and other items in and out without having to bend over as low as with previous vehicles constantly, have helped give rise to the crossover popularity sweeping the nation.

High-Tech Features

Whether it's being able to connect to the internet or make good use of rear-view cameras when backing up, crossover buyers love the various high-tech and safety features associated with crossovers. From soccer moms driving their kids around town to adult children who love the safety and security crossovers provide for their parents who are behind the wheel, crossovers appear to be here to stay.

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