There are many things to think about when you get a car, including when to get it serviced and what kind of parts to get if you're in an accident or if a part breaks. We only use OEM parts in our customers' cars, and that's because we can vouch for their quality since they undergo inspection and have to pass quality standards.

You can choose among many OEM parts in our extensive inventory. For example, if you need a replacement bumper, headlight, mirror, or simply new brakes, we can help you out! Whatever is not in stock can be ordered so that we get your car back in top shape as soon as possible.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Higher Quality

OEM parts differ from aftermarket parts in many ways, one of which is quality. OEM parts are built by the same manufacturer that made your car. The replacement OEM parts are therefore designed to be an exact match for the part that needs to be fixed or changed. OEM parts are made by all car manufacturers, and they are designed to last. There are certain standards that OEM parts must meet in order to pass inspection. If they fail to meet that criteria, they won't be going in your car! On the other hand, aftermarket parts are not built to the same level of quality. They are mass-produced by a third party manufacturer for quantity rather than quality. This is especially problematic for parts that are made internationally, as foreign-made parts are not built to the same level of safety and performance as US parts. Therefore, they can cause a decline in your car's performance or even pose a safety risk.

Warranty and Support

OEM Brakes and Parts

Because OEM parts are built to a certain level of quality, they are proudly backed by a warranty. The industry standard warranty is one year. However, many parts have a longer warranty than that. This means that if the part that was recently installed breaks within the warranty period, you can return to the dealership to have it replaced. Additionally, many OEM parts carry a warranty that's valid across the country. On the other hand, you won't get that quality assurance from aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are not backed by a warranty, which means that if they break shortly after you have them installed, it's up to you to pay to have a replacement part put in.

Proper Fit and Ease of Replacement

Easy Brake Installations

Since OEM parts are built by the same manufacturer who made your car, you can rest assured that the part you are getting will fit exactly like the old component. It will make your car perform at least as good as it did before, and sometimes better! Since OEM parts have a precise fit, they are much easier for mechanics to work with. This means that your car will spend less time in the shop for repairs, and you will ultimately save money on the cost of labor. Aftermarket parts have a more generic fit, and it can take awhile to find a part that properly fits your car. As you can imagine, this can be a great source of frustration for a mechanic!

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