Summer Maintenance Tips  

Summer Maintenance Tips

During the summer months, more people spend time traveling and enjoying the beautiful weather outside. However, it's essential to get your car in good shape to ensure it's reliable on the open road. Excessive heat and sun exposure can cause wear and tear on your vehicle, making it necessary to get it in shape for your upcoming travels.

Our mechanics are here to help you perform the necessary services to ensure your car continues to operate reliably throughout the season.

Change the Oil

The oil is considered to be the blood of your engine and needs to be changed when you plan to drive long distances in the coming months. The oil can be affected by the wet conditions and humid climate, which can affect the operation of your car. If there's a lack of flow of the oil, you can spend a lot to repair the parts under the hood.

Fluid Levels

The fluid in your vehicle can evaporate and become reduced, making it necessary to check the levels before you spend more time on the road. First, examine the coolant, wiper, transmission, and power steering fluid to ensure they're adequate. The coolant is the primary fluid to keep an eye on to prevent the engine from overheating, which can leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Tire Pressure & Condition

Take a close look at your car's tires to determine if they have enough air for proper traction. This will prevent premature wear from developing, which can wear the tires down a lot quicker. The heat outdoors can also affect the tire pressure level, making it necessary to keep them inflated. Check the depth of the tread to determine if it's too low. The tires may need more air, or it may be time to replace all four tires before it's too late.

Car Battery

The car battery can also be affected by the high temperatures outside. Check the battery state to ensure it's in good condition and won't lose power in the coming months.

If you have an older battery in place, the power level may be low, and the battery might need to be replaced. You can also look for signs of corrosion that may be present on the parts and can affect its operation.

Contact our auto service department today to ensure your car receives the necessary care and maintenance to keep it reliable and in excellent condition.