GMC Canyon Interior Air Conditioning

The secret to a successful summer starts with a properly working vehicle AC. Nothing feels better than getting inside of a car with the AC cranked high after you’ve been out enjoying the fun in the sun you crave. When the AC doesn’t work the way that it should, however, you miss that enjoyment. You’re left to swelter in the heat, whether you’re traveling down the road or out of town. There are several issues that can impede on a properly working AC. Luckily, most are minor issues that are simple repairs from our experts.

How Often Should I Service My Vehicle’s AC?

Follow the instructions in your vehicle’s owner manual to determine the recommended frequency of AC service. As a general rule, it is expected that you service the vehicle’s AC annually. Annual AC service minimizes problems so enjoying cool air all summer long without the need for frequent repairs is possible.

Should My AC Have a Foul Odor?

Foul odors are not a part of a properly working AC system. If you smell odors, it is likely the results of mold that’s built-in condenser or evaporator coils. A dirty cabin filter is also a possible cause of the odors. Deodorizing agents are helpful to resolve AC odors.

Is Fluid Leaking From My AC a Problem?

GMC Canyon Interior SideFluid should never leak from the vehicle. This is almost always a sign of trouble. AC leaks are often the result of moisture causing gaskets and other rubber components to loosen, which allows liquid to flow through. Old age can also cause leaks. A certified AC repair tech can use a diagnostic test to determine the cause of the leak. We offer frequent service specials that can help with the cost of routine maintenance.

How Do You Detect an AC Leak?

If you suspect an AC leak, schedule service at once. We can use the Sniffer device to detect an AC leak. We can also use a black light technique to detect the leak and its exact location. Each technique works impeccably to detect leaks.

Why is My AC Air Warm?

An AC that blows out warm air is cause for concern. A multitude of potential causes of the warm air exists. Most commonly, it is a low-level of refrigerant causing the problem. A quick refill can get back the cool air that you want and deserve. If the issue isn't low freon, it could be a freon leak, compressor problems, or clogged expansion valves.


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