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Some Guidelines for Buying Tires

Buying tires is something every vehicle owner must do. It can be a stressful experience for car owners who may not be familiar with some auto tire specs and features. Following a few basic guidelines will help you select the right tires for your car or truck.

A Tire Buying Guide

Before you decide to purchase tires, you need to be familiar with the correct tire size your car requires. This information is present right on the side of the tire and usually consists of a set of numbers separated by dashes. An example would be 215/55R/15. These numbers tell you things such as the width of your tire, the aspect ratio, and wheel diameter.

The last number in the sequence is the diameter of your wheel, and that is something you need to know. You will need that information when you are getting estimates on a tire purchase. You cannot use a 15" tire on a 16" wheel.

The first number is the width of the tire, and this is also important. You want to make sure that you are using the same width of tire on all four wheels. Failing to do this can present problems with tire wear and efficiency.

Having a problem with one tire could mean that other tires also have issues. You should inspect all of your tires prior to replacing a single tire. It can often be more cost-effective and better for your vehicle to replace multiple tires at the same time.

Finally, be sure to check the warranty that is offered on the tires that you choose to purchase. A warranty is not a guarantee that you will get a certain amount of mileage from your new tires. It is, however, a promise to provide discounted replacement tires if the original ones fail during the warranty.

We cordially invite you to call or visit our dealership for more information on buying tires. Our friendly staff is always available to answer your tire-related questions.