GMC App Without OnStar  

When you invest in a GMC vehicle from Husker GMC, your vehicle typically comes with a free trial of OnStar. GMC’s app interacts with this OnStar program to provide you with things like roadside assistance, navigation, emergency assistance, unlocking your vehicle remotely, locating a stolen vehicle, and much more. If you’re coming to the end of your free trial with OnStar, you may be wondering if there are any features that you can use with your GMC app that don’t require any kind of additional subscription.

Suppose you don’t have contact with an OnStar employee. In that case, you’re going to lose a number of features like the ability to have your doors unlocked if you’ve forgotten your key or locked it inside the car, last-minute navigation when you get lost, vehicle status, or the ability to locate your vehicle if it has been stolen.

The app offers very basic information and services if you let your OnStar account run out. You’ll still have digital access to your owner’s manual, you’ll be able to schedule service with Husker GMC’s service department, and you can call for roadside assistance if you find yourself stranded.

Whether you choose to renew your OnStar account or not really depends on what features you feel that you need to utilize. Many people find that these features are nice to have when the trial is free, but after that, you may be happy with what the app provides you with (free of charge). You can contact OnStar for more information on the different subscriptions they offer if you would like to continue your service.