GMC Works With Marcus Graham Project To Diversify The Next Generation Of Leaders  

GMC has announced it'll be partnering with the Marcus Graham Project to help professionals gain valuable experience in media and marketing positions while creating new pathways that lead to more diversity in the workplace. The partnership will continue for three consecutive years to help emerging leaders have more exposure and contribute their voices to marketing, media, and advertising.

The Marcus Graham Project is a non-profit organization that assists BIPOC leaders with finding the right careers in advertising, media, and marketing. This is following General Motor's commitment to help shape and develop the future of racially diverse media. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than one percent of professionals in these industries are black.

GMC is committed to supporting the programs managed by the Marcus Graham Project to foster equality and provide more opportunities to minorities. Both GMC and the Marcus Graham Project want to aid those who are starting their careers while reflecting on the customers that they serve. Ironically, when the Marcus Graham Project was originally conceptualized and founded in 2007, General Motors was one of its first clients, which has allowed this to be a full-circle experience between the automaker and the non-profit organization.

One of the first steps to fulfilling their mission is to start a boot camp that will be sponsored by GMC. The iCR8 boot camp will provide participants with the opportunity to create a marketing campaign for the nameplates of GMC. They will also have the chance to schedule meetings with stakeholders and learn more information about various amplification strategies. The BootCamp will also include exposure to the campaign development process, allowing professionals to sharpen their skills and become more comfortable in different industries related to marketing.

Not only is the boot camp designed to assist new professionals in their careers, but it will also serve the purpose of a pop-up agency that allows different brands and non-profit organizations to use their marketing skills to grow and increase their exposure. Minority-owned small businesses will also be able to utilize the services that are provided through the program to increase their sales and success in various industries.

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