What is GMC Live?  

GMC Live is a way to unveil new vehicles for brands that wish to do so virtually. In particular, GMC is using Live to show off any new GMC truck or SUV directly to virtual customers through the digital arena.

GMC Live

GMC Live makes it so that customers have an online experience where they can experience new cars as if they were checking the vehicle out live and in person. You can also customize this experience directly for yourself with a GMC Product Specialist. Unlike in the regular world, GMC Live doesn't offer any sales pressure. After you complete a tour of a GMC vehicle through the platform, you can move on in any way that you choose.

This means that you can then go to a different showroom for a different vehicle from GMC if you want, or you can ask for quotes through the platform instead. This means that you're in control of all of it. Essentially, this is an entirely new way for you to receive help from an automaker to figure out exactly what you want to do regarding getting information about or even purchasing a car.

There's an option for one on one tours where you can have a professional with a certification help guide you through whatever you want to view on your virtual tour. You can even as their questions in real-time as you move around virtually through the interior, the exterior, and anything else you might want to see related to the vehicle.

Alternatively, you can use a group tour and just join one of those. You can again ask questions in real-time, listen to other people's questions and get the pro's answers, and even use a chat figure to learn from the other people that are on tour.

It's a versatile tool that you'll be able to use to get more direct experiences with the vehicles that you are interested in.

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