What Does Engine Oil Do and Why Does It Need to Be Changed?

Getting an oil change in Lincoln isn't exciting, but it is necessary in keeping your truck or SUV running problem-free! Learn more about engine oil and its importance by watching our helpful short video.

There's no denying the importance of oil changes, especially for vehicles in the Midwest. If you own an Acadia, Yukon, Canyon or any other GMC and you're due for an oil change in Lincoln, NE, visit our dealership off 6833 Telluride Drive. We offer GMC oil change coupons that provide savings on a necessary service that shouldn't be overlooked.

How Does Oil Protect Car Engines?

GMC Oil ChangeOil serves a variety of important purposes, all of which help prolong the life of engines. When you visit our Nebraska oil change center and receive fresh new oil, it will perform several functions to protect your GMC's powerplant. Oil lubricates engine components and absorbs heat from the combustion area, while also cleaning out debris and suspending contaminants that are produced during the combustion phase.

Oil loses its ability to execute these tasks when it becomes sullied and low in viscosity; and if old oil is left for too long, it leaves the car engine with a lack of lubrication, excessive heat, and other issues that lead to early wear and tear. Take advantage of our car and truck oil change coupons and you can easily avoid this.

Is Your Car or Truck Due for an Oil Change?

We understand that auto service is easy to push off when life gets in the way, but following the recommended maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle is important. If you need an oil change in Lincoln, NE, use our GMC oil change coupon to save on your next service. Also take a moment to schedule an appointment online at our maintenance center, where certified technicians and knowledgeable advisors are at your disposal.

In addition, make sure you check out our service page to see other specials, including our seasonal synthetic oil change coupon, which is offered periodically.


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