GMC Yukon Driving

Have you ever been driving, only to realize that your engine is overheating? Hopefully, you could pull over and get your vehicle the attention that it needed, but if not, your car may have incurred some serious damage that is still present today. Husker GMC has a well-staffed service department that can diagnose several issues regarding your engine's internal temperature. Let's talk a bit more about what can go wrong when it comes to your vehicle and the potential for overheating.

A Breakdown of Your Cooling System

The cooling system in your engine consists of parts like your radiator, water pump, freeze plugs, and more. We all know that wear and tear can occur to any part of your vehicle the more mileage you accumulate, but this kind of damage to your cooling system can result in something as serious as overheating.

The Function of an Automobile Water Pump

Fluids are an essential part of your cooling system, and your water pump works with these fluids to cool everything down. The aluminum can oxidize, and this can make the pump weaker. If you notice there are white deposits on your water pump, this would indicate the potential for holes or leaks in the pump.

Radiator Damage

When we do a check of your radiator, we turn your engine on to see how well the fans are working inside your radiator. We also look for coolant leaks, broken hoses, and the like.

Thermostat Integrity

Your internal thermostat should have a functioning valve that allows fluid to pass in or out of it. The coolant that is moving through will prevent overheating by absorbing heat and releasing pressure. We can replace the valve in your thermostat if we notice it is getting stuck open or closed.

Various Hoses and Belts

Hoses and belts are an important part of your cooling system as they are designed to transport coolant and other fluid where it needs to go. Unfortunately, these delicate parts can become damaged or inefficient with the regular driving that you do.

Contact Husker GMC through our website or by calling our Lincoln location if you would like to talk to one of our service professionals about your engine overheating. No matter how new your vehicle is, we can make sure your cooling system is doing its job the way it was intended.


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